Leaving St Andrews

Three long flights later, I arrived home last week.

Studying abroad has transformed my life. I experienced the beauty and diversity of Europe, and Scotland became my second home. I forged friendships with people from all around the world. And I learned the fundamental importance of embracing the unfamiliar.

In Sallies Quad
In Sallies Quad

I said it before, but going abroad was by no means an easy decision. A year on, I am beyond grateful for those in my life who encouraged me to seize the opportunity. I hope this blog has helped others on the fence do the same.

I will always cherish my time at St Andrews and hope I will one day have the opportunity to return to that incredible community. Until then.

Sitting on the St Andrews Pier
Sitting on the St Andrews Pier…
The windy St Andrews Pier
… the windiest spot on campus

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